About Us

 What started Sincerely Summer?

After having my first child Summer, my life changed drastically. She became the center of attention (cleaning up, feeding, washing clothes, working harder, waking up earlier), and I kind of put myself on the back burner. Before I had Summer I worked hard, but I also had the free time to enjoy the social nights out with friends as a way to treat myself for my hard work. Once I became a mother though, a good nap became my choice of a reward. Sometimes I would walk past the mirror with my sweats and oversized shirt with marker or food stains, messy bun, and wonder "is this what my life has become?"

The idea of lingerie came up when I decided to purchase a teddy from a popular lingerie store to try and bring back some of my confidence. When I got home and tried it on, I was not impressed. It made me realize that I lost weight in areas I didn't want to lose weight in, and gained weight in areas I didn't want to gain weight in. Epic fail! I started thinking about what I would like to have acquire from the teddy lingerie and wrote some of the ideas down. I remember wanting something more comfortable to wear around the house while I was completing my daily home activities, or if I had to run out the house I could easily throw something over it without having to change, a boost of confidence that if I walked by the mirror I would get a glance at a mom who still got it. I then came up with the name Sincerely Summer after my daughter of course, because she was the motivation for me finding a way to adjust to my life as a mom and still get the confidence I had before I became one.

I know that parts of everyday life can take up so much of our time and we neglect our own needs. I want people around the world to remember to take some "me- time" for themselves and have a self care day every once in a while. Don't forget you still got it, because you're worth it!